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Corporate Manual

There is a digital corporate manual of the FEN research campus that provides information on the following topics: Corporate Communication, Corporate Design and Advertising Material. You can download the Corporate Manual here.


Coffee and Water is free for all. Please pay attention to cleanliness.

FEN key card

You can get a FEN key card to open the doors (building and office door) at the reception. Please report a loss immediately. Passing on to third parties is not allowed.

FENomenal Friday

FENomenal Friday takes place on the last Friday each month and is an internal, digital lecture series. The event lasts about an hour and offers a platform to present and discuss work in projects. For further information please contact info@fenaachen.net.

FEN Think Tank

The office space is called FEN Think Thank and provides a workplace for each employee. Please do not detach devices from the FEN Think Tank or reconnect them accordingly.


There is a FEN Research Campus flyer that is very welcome to share. You can download the flyer on the official website.


The kitchen is available for all local FEN members. Please make sure that you keep the kitchen clean and put dirty dishes into the dishwasher. If necessary, please activate the dishwasher and empty it.


The meeting room is bookable. A calendar tool allows all members to book times in the meeting room on site and see what times have already been booked. There are two ways to book the meeting room: (1) use the QR code right by the room, which you can always use to book simply with your smartphone. (2) book from your PC or smartphone via the following link: https://kalender.digital/76d633f30b837bb09051

Anyone with the link or QR code can book times for the meeting room, but please keep in mind that you would not be able to delete times. So be sure to book the room with care. (If a booking must be deleted, please contact info@fenaachen.net).


Parking is available all around our building.


The printer can be used by all local FEN members. For installation, please follow the tutorial. If the paper tray is empty, employees can refill it on their own. The paper for this is on the shelf next to the printer.


Basically, before publishing anything, it should be checked whether the publication is not including protected, patentable inventions. If necessary, apply for a patent at least in Germany before publishing. For more information about the publications at FEN, please check the publication guide. For travel expenses please check here.

Social Media

The FEN Research Campus uses social media channels to connect and keep you informed of any current happenings (e.g. events or press releases). To stay up to date, please follow us on:

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